In the lifecycle of a well, wireline formation evaluation is one of the most important events to take place. The people who are involved in the planning of the well are perfectly aware of the importance of wireline logging and are always weighing the benefits against logging costs and rig time.

Over the years, wireline logging companies have developed specialized software related to enhancing their products and services. Some of these innovations include real-time data transmission, chat utilities, online data storage, and other associated tools.

On the flip side, less effort was made from oil companies to systematically keep track of wireline performance of various logging providers, their efficiencies, and procedures. Many oil companies maintain basic statistics with only a few parameters, for example: lost time, number of runs, and operational statistics. Other companies, in turn, began to recruit wireline QA/QC consultants. These specialists are brought in to assure seamless wireline preparation, job execution, and to obtain useful information regarding time utilization and efficiency. Throughout the logging operation, a logging witness will QC the data and keep track of time. At the end of each wireline operation, the witness will submit a logging report in which he was able to capture important logging information with various levels of detail.

Reports are normally delivered as a PDF document. To gain knowledge, oil companies must manually sort through the logging reports and source out the required information.

At RIGPRO, we saw a huge potential to help both the consultants and oil companies, as well as their G&G and drilling teams.

RIGPRO is the first of its kind; an all-encompassing software that serves to monitor wireline preparation and job execution. It was designed to be used both in the field and in the comfort of the office by wireline QA/QC specialists, wellsite geologists, petrophysicists, and any other geoscientists who are actively involved in wireline job preparation and execution. It provides innovative solutions, such as the world’s most advanced 3D wireline visualization and innovative lost time analysis utility. RIGPRO is a must-have for excellence-driven geoscientists everywhere!

To get to the point, your teams fire up RIGPRO during the pre-job preparations and continue to benefit from its use until the logging operation is complete. Watch out: you’ll still profit from using RIGPRO long after rigging down!